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Michael Chekhov  
Manhattan & Philadelphia

Philadelphia Workshop 

The Art of Transformation

Michael Chekhov
Viewpoints & Williamson 

for Actors and Directors 

 Workshops in
Chekhov & Viewpoints

Actors Chekhov Studio

1831 Bainbridge St
Philadelphia  PA

       Develop an understanding 

   of the tools  for 

characterization - and transformation:


Discover the Process of how to   transform oneself, 

by exploring the    specific physical qualities, movement and inner life  of a character. 


  • Imaginary Body, 

  •  Imaginary Center,

  • Personal Atmosphere,

  •  Character's Objective 

  •  Psychological Gesture 


Learn The Artistic principles that lie at the heart of an inspired performance,


in any theatrical or film style

      New York City
  Classes & Workshops
     February & March 
     Tuesdays 2-4

Michael Chekhov
 Chekhov Studio Manhattan 

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      Chekhov Studio Manhattan
43 street and 8th Ave NYC

The essence of our profession… is to give. What is it that we in the theater give? … We give our body, voice, feelings, will, imagination – we give a form of pulsating art to life itself; we give it to our characters and we give it to our audiences. Nothing, absolutely nothing remains for us save the pleasure of having given pleasure. And yet it is only by this miraculous process that our love grows and our talent is fulfilled and replenished.”
— Michael Chekhov

Sanford Meisner

Michael Chekhov
made me realize that truth as naturalism was far from the truth. In him I witnessed exciting theatrical form with no loss of content, and I know I wanted that too."

Stanislavsky talking about Chekhov with Stella Adler said:      

"Seek him out, wherever he is teaching or performing.

 He is my most brilliant pupil!"


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